Fridge Fail

Yesterday, we had our fridge repaired. And now, we have a helicopter in our house at all times.



How do you even put into words what the last two weekends have been like? Full? I am not sure. But I’ll tell you this: they’ve been very good weekends. This weekend was no shortage of that. Our house was full.  Six children and three adults. Six children bringing the best kind busyness. One that you enjoy watching unfold. One that is impossible to capture in a single picture.


Chocolate chip pancakes. BBQ. Playing – lots and lots of playing. Dark and Stormy’s (in which I do not recommend using Goya ginger beer). Peanut butter chocolate cake. Macarons. Jen and her girls at our house. Someone not liking talking robots, or, maybe robots that are two-feet tall. Curls – lots and lots of curls. Polaroids. New friendships. Fall light. Cool nights.

Hope your weekend was just as full.

P.S. – thank you so very, very much for your comments and congrats on my race. xoxo