140.6 miles

Is a really long way. I won’t get into too many details. I know it will bore you if I do. I am sitting here early this morning with my cup of coffee and I feel normal. The only thing annoying is this blister on the bottom of my right foot. But otherwise, I am not really sore. Just some dull aches. And I don’t say that to boast. But to me, I felt worse at the end of my marathon.


Now I am not going to tell you it didn’t hurt. The weather was hot – again in the 90’s and the biking was mostly headwind craziness. The swim was awesome for me. No jellies and calm water. I had my fastest time. 1:06. The only little glitch during the swim was my right calf decided to ball up. Which, happens once in a blue moon. But I attributed that to lack of water and dealt with it. By the time I got out it was fine, but I knew I had to load up on fluids.


Biking was seamless. I felt great (well, in the beginning). And then there were headwinds. For about 90 miles of the ride. Maybe a little less, but not much. Oh, and there was this bee that decided to sting me. And there was this bee that died. The amount of bugs stuck to me by the end was kind of gross. But I got to ride through water and see a bald eagle flying through the air. By the end of 112 miles, I wanted off my bike.

my love

So I only had a marathon to run. Which in the heat, was not going to be fun. But here is the funny thing. I was now in FIRST PLACE. Like, first woman. Overall. WHAT?!? The photographer noted it first. And then everyone became really excited. I was thinking it wasn’t true. Slowly it set in that I was actually winning this thing. But the marathon was brutal. There was little shade. Ambulances started to rush by at times. And all I wanted at that point was to not wind up in one. Dehydration set in a couple times. But I kept popping Endurolytes (electrolyte thingies), which were life saving at many points. I was feeling sick in my stomach for some of the run. I just continued to drink and drink. I passed my husband and children and I told him I was in first place. By the last part of the second loop, I knew this sweet lady was going to pass me. So I passed the torch, let her know she was now in the lead, which we both thought was funny because our times were far from stellar. Far from my goal.

But hey. Who cares? I completed my first 140.6 mile race. And at the end, when I crossed the finish line, there were four wonderful faces waiting for me. Three of which were very happy to see their mommy. One of which had to deal with a manic wife the last few weeks prior to this day. All telling me how proud they were. I am very blessed you know.

Overall I placed second. I won money. I was USAT endurance champion for the Mid-Atlantic region which includes states: DE, PA, NJ, MD, NC, WV, VA and Washington D.C. And I had the fastest swimming and biking time for women. I totally tanked the run. And I don’t feel bad about it – just a little embarrassed – but my excuse: it was ridiculously hot and I had just completed 114.4 miles.

So the big question: Will I do another one? Um. No? I can’t say never. But I can tell you for now: not in the near future.


My show

On October 2nd, I will have my first open house for my first show. This is so different than what I normally do. So much more work than I ever thought. When you are involved with the online world, it’s different. Now, my work will be in front of a live audience and it’s both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. The one thing I am loving is watching everything come together. Choosing a certain number of photographs that pair well together was daunting. I am not sure if I have it yet. But I cannot wait to see everything in frames and mats in a large grouping.

my work

So if you are in the area, I would love for you to come.

If you are bored and want to travel

And if you can’t, there will be a pop-up shop happening during the month of October.

Food and Kids

Feeding children is a complete mystery – how all can be fed the same way as babies and toddlers and then develop their own likes and dislikes later on. My kids are no exception. When they were babies I made all of their food. I remember mushing avocado and banana together and my oldest loved it. I could inhale a whole avocado on any given day. But my son, who could drink a gallon of milk in two days, could not stand it. My girls are not fond of milk, other than in their cereal. My son, will not have milk in his cereal. Are you getting me here?

So when it comes to meals – there is no sympathy. Occasionally there may be, but rarely. My mom worked a full-time job outside of the house and always, always, made a complete meal for us. Like baked clams on the half-shell, veal cutlet parmigiana, beef goulash (yuck). And we were always expected to eat it. Or, we would go hungry. One of the things I inherited from my mom was meal planning. Every week I sit down and write out the meals and prepare the shopping list. I sift through magazines or, blogs, that I love for meals. One of my favorites is Real Simple. Last night I made Sweet Potato and Gruyere Turnovers. I thought the kids would love them and I even omitted the swiss chard at first to see if they would fly better. My kids inhale my Butternut Squash Gnocchi. Basically the same kind of ingredients. Starch and cheese. This would even be wrapped it in a pie crust.

sweet potato and gruyere turnovers

The girls began eating with interest. Then slowly it faded into dislike. Boy wouldn’t even touch his. He picked at the crust and we finally made him take a bite to his dismay. Blobs of sweet potato mixture sat on their plates after the demolition of crusts. My only thought was the texture. The sweet potato was grated and this can be gross to a kid. Maybe mashed would of been better. Then mixed with the sauteed onions and gruyere cheese.

So while we liked it, the kids could of cared less and went to bed on bellies full of green beans and pears.

So I keep trying. And keep searching for recipes we all will like.

Some of my favorite food blogs:

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What are some of yours?