I am here


I can’t believe I finally have my own photography site. I feel especially proud of this place and hope you enjoy visiting.  It’s great to have a personal place again, although it will be more of a place for talking about photography than anything else. So thanks for stopping by.

Periodically I will be shifting photos around. I am not a fan of clutter and I didn’t feel like putting photo upon photo in my portfolio was effective. So I’ll change it up frequently. Well, that is my hope anyways. I sometimes get distracted too. Namely by three little people who seem to find pulling the leaves off my houseplants a fascinating sport. Ahem.


A Birthday



I had the joy of photographing a little girl named Addison during her 1st birthday party. Her parents wanted some candid shots throughout the celebration, never mind the 70 other people there at the same time. But I think I did well capturing those moments otherwise forgotten in the whirlwind of pulling off a little one’s birthday party. It definitely is something to think about if you are going to have a large party. Hire a photographer. Seriously…just do it. You’ll be glad you did.





The End.