Maine in 120









img041These are some of the last shots of Maine in film. I still have an unfinished roll to develop – so there may be a few more here and there. But for now, enjoy some snippets of summer as fall begins to slowly creep in.


Being at Peace


Maybe there is something about turning a year older, or, getting to a point in your life where you just don’t worry, or care about what others say. I think I am at that point. I think I am that person. Don’t get me wrong, I do care about people. I care about their feelings. I care what happens to you. In 39 years, I finally have me figured out. While I aim to be polite, I am not fake. I am not going to be overtly friendly to you. I will be the person who has your back when you need me the most, and the dragon slayer with my icy stare when you want me to intimidate the evil one. I am like the loyal dog who is always there. Who will bring back that stick over and over. I will do things most people think are not humanly possible. And then I will do them over and over again, just to prove you wrong.

So in 39 years, I have figured me out a little more. The introvert, the athlete, the mom and wife. The person who gives 110% and runs through life full-bore, while others may just sit and stare. I’ve been fortunate enough to see other countries, go to places where there is nothing but sky separating me from God. And I love those places most because I can just be. And I don’t have to talk to anyone. I can just write and write. I can take pictures and not speak. And see those everyday miracles people say don’t exist anymore.

So even when it seems there is nothing good going on, or, someone is telling me the opposite of what is really true, it does not matter. You do not bother me. Because I will keep on going. I will keep on running. I will set my goals higher.

And I will wave as I go on by.

Deer Isle, Maine


I think I can confirm Deer Isle, Maine as one of my favorite places to visit.


Let me preface with some background about our family. We are active. We do not sit very long. Our children mountain bike and kayak. We are fine sitting in front of an ocean for hours. But not just sitting. So Maine, well, it’s a perfect thing for us.


Deer Isle is a quiet little island located about an hour and fifteen minutes (south)west of Acadia National Park. It was once known for farming and now, it’s a well-known arts and fishing community. So in addition to being a quiet place – nothing is really open after 7 PM, it is a farmhouse mecca .


And yes, I was having a field day with my camera in this environment. There is a distinct difference between a Maine farmhouse and a Pennsylvania one. The huge difference is the connection of the barn to the house itself – we were informed this was to accommodate for the harsh Maine winters. But then there is trim around the windows that is clearly Maine farmhouse. And I grew to love the Maine farmhouse as the week went on. So much so I told my husband we have to include that and this on our house one day. Even the barn being attached to the house too. He stated he wasn’t too sure about that, due to it being a fire hazard, but I assure you we will have a barn attached to our house one day.


Of course we rented a farmhouse too Рwhat did you expect? It actually was a boarding house at one point, but is now owned by a brother and sister. The other sibling and her husband own the adjacent home that has this view (below) of blueberry fields and the Penobscot Bay.  Harry, Kate and dog Jake quickly became acquainted with our family and Harry introduced us to their blueberry fields. He also informed us of the best way to make blueberry muffins Рputting more blueberries then a recipe asks for, just enough to keep the batter together. We were pretty sure Harry wanted some blueberry muffins and after picking cups and cups, we happily obliged.


Most of our days centered around these views – a pebbled beach, pathways of blueberry picking, runs and bike trips down an unpaved road, lined with farmhouses. And that bay. Seriously – when I’ve read about Maine in blogs, I’ve kind of laughed at the thought it was that magical. Nothing is that magical. But maybe, just maybe it is. And maybe part of that magic resides in the fact it was summer and vacation. But whatever it is, count us in.


Stepping back


Being a photographer has opened many doors for me. I’ve “met” (I put that in quotes because most of you I’ve never met in person) some amazing talents. But somewhere along the way I stopped taking pictures for me. Stopped pulling out my old cameras, period. I don’t know why – well possibly, when you are being paid to take pictures, like any work, it loses its appeal. Lugging a camera along, pulling out your phone to take a picture of food, well, it’s kind of old.


So I’ve decided to step back. I decided to stop working with Aeolidia as their product photographer. I haven’t decided if I will take on other work. I think a few months off will do me good. And maybe it will result in a longer hiatus. I have some amazing trips coming up that will hopefully reconnect me with my cameras. And if not, it’s O.K.


This school year brings a new position that will include more hours per day. So it’s all going to be a juggling act for awhile and I am good with this. I hope you will join me on this little journey, one that has me looking through the viewfinder a bit more. And if you’re so inclined, feel free to join in.