Isle Au Haut – Part 2













Isle Au Haut is an island 45 minutes by mail boat from Stonington, Maine. It’s part of Acadia National Park and has one road that whips around the entire island. We decided to bring our bikes and ride around the entire place. We were dropped off at 9:45 AM and picked up at 4:45 PM. The first stop we made was the ranger station – which I highly recommend because looking at a map is much different than what is really there. About 6 miles (13 miles total) of the road (paved and unpaved) is actual mountain biking. I was pretty surprised by this because somehow in my mind I had visions of carefree cruising for the day, which is not the case. It’s not for the very young and I do not recommend bringing a bike trailer or a pedal trailer. You will likely regret it and your child will be bouncing around uncomfortably. But if you can do it all as a family, it’s awesome. And when you’re biking, you keep thinking to yourself, “people live here year-round – how cool is this.”

They have a school house (four students), post office and general store. The houses are beautiful. When we were there for the day, the weather was amazing – almost hot, as I was dripping sweat from biking. You can also choose to hike, which gets you closer to the coastline. Biking the road weaves in and out of forest most of the time, so for a more scenic route, hike.

My thoughts – If you ever need peace and quiet, or have a book to write – go here.


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