Stepping back


Being a photographer has opened many doors for me. I’ve “met” (I put that in quotes because most of you I’ve never met in person) some amazing talents. But somewhere along the way I stopped taking pictures for me. Stopped pulling out my old cameras, period. I don’t know why – well possibly, when you are being paid to take pictures, like any work, it loses its appeal. Lugging a camera along, pulling out your phone to take a picture of food, well, it’s kind of old.


So I’ve decided to step back. I decided to stop working with Aeolidia as their product photographer. I haven’t decided if I will take on other work. I think a few months off will do me good. And maybe it will result in a longer hiatus. I have some amazing trips coming up that will hopefully reconnect me with my cameras. And if not, it’s O.K.


This school year brings a new position that will include more hours per day. So it’s all going to be a juggling act for awhile and I am good with this. I hope you will join me on this little journey, one that has me looking through the viewfinder a bit more. And if you’re so inclined, feel free to join in.



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