Her name is Tayech


One of the amazing opportunities I had in Sendafa was being able to meet many of the single mother’s, with HIV/AIDS, who have benefitted from our micro-finance program. The women apply to get into the program and if selected, are given a loan to start a business. The objective is for these women to become self-sufficient, to provide for their families, and ultimately, pay back the money they borrowed.


I saw first hand, every day, how these tiny little loans, have changed people’s lives. How self-esteem is built – just by being able to provide for their families and many, for the first time ever!

Tayech was one of those women. Tayech started in the program a year ago and has grown her herd tenfold. She has paid back her loan, she sells dairy products at market and has a savings account!


To think how small this is. How just one cow can make a difference is mind boggling.

But it does.


Our church isn’t the only group making a difference in women’s lives like Tayech.


I have the honor of being a part of Epic Thanks 2011. “Epic Thanks returns to its roots by once again focusing on Mama Lucy’s work in Arusha. The students who went to fifth grade in the original classroom built from gratitude have just graduated from the seventh grade, and are now ready for secondary school. The classrooms at Mama Lucy’s primary school are now packed with over 500 younger children – so she needs to build a secondary school where her students can grow up and continue their educations in her loving care.”

So if you like, scoot on over there to see all the wonderful works by my awesome photographer friends and also contribute to a worthwhile cause this holiday season.


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