Less than two weeks

the road I'm taking

I am leaving for Ethiopia in less than two weeks. It will take approximately 18 hours to get there. Two long flights, which will land me in Frankfurt and Addis Ababa. I will have no contact with my family for 9 days. And I will miss a birthday. There is so much to accomplish between now and then and I feel as though I will not be doing much here or anywhere on the internet.

What I’ll be doing while in Sendafa: Supporting an existing team of nationals through Project Adopt a Village program – some of which means sneaking in chocolate to a special doctor who is also allergic to peanuts; going on home visits – many with single mothers who are HIV/AIDS positive; bringing supplies – like shirts and sneakers and anything else needed; visiting and working within the local schools; holding a ton of hands – ethiopians are known for their love of holding hands; giving lots of hugs at the local orphanage.

So could you think of me once in awhile during now and then? Say a prayer or throw some good thoughts my way. My team and I would love that. Until then.



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