Onward and Upward

Last week was a week. It seems the last couple of weeks have been weeks. I should state we are very fortunate to live up a hill, rather down one. Many of our neighbors had standing water in their homes. Many of the roads surrounding our home were and are still, underwater. Bridges are demolished, asphalt folded in sheets, sink holes a fact. And still the water rages on. A quick jaunt to Target is not so quick. Roads I thought would be clear were not. I wound up following a trail of cars just to find some straight route and traveled over one of the many spillways/dams in our area taxed. I find myself marveling at the power of water when there is too much. It leaves me speechless.

Last night we celebrated our 12th anniversary. Yes, we share 9/11 with 9/11. We were married two years when all of the horror happened. And now we’ve been married for 12. Time often feels forever and then like nothing at all, doesn’t it?


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