A new room

Through the years of having a business, one that went hog wild in it’s first year, I have always worked in our dining room. Oh it’s changed throughout the years – at one point housing all my fabric and sewing needs. But when I decided to focus more on photography, the things on my dining room table changed from fabric and onesies, to, cameras, a scanner and film. Now, the kids and I will have our own creative space in the basement. My husband has been hard at work in our basement for a year and a half. The end is almost here – just a few more of the little details – and it will be done. And I am pretty excited.

My goal is to have a room that is multi-purpose and free of clutter. Everything will have it’s place. While we have a hutch I stripped and painted right before our oldest was born,which will be used for storing many things, there are a few other pieces I am trying to find at second-hand stores. Here is a sampling of inspiration pieces that model what will likely go in this area:

From Home Decorators – two of these pushed together would be great. Each kid would have their own drawer to mess up.

Ironworks28672 on Etsy – adjustable stools – a must with kids.

CathodeBlue on Etsy – I have always wanted an old school pull-down map. How fun is this?

And I am still debating about the light – these from West Elm are awesome.

And so is this one from IKEA.

I’ve also amassed a huge amount of prints through the years, so there will be no shortage of artwork to display. Hopefully I’ll be sharing the completed room soon. Yippee!


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