This is where I impress you (not really)


I kind of felt like Cher in “Mermaids” making these. A friend of mine made these for a brunch last week and wouldn’t you know it, my son’s first grade room parent was there and assigned me to make them for the end of school year party.


But instead of melting chocolate, I made dark chocolate ganache. I gave the kids their own supplies and for one moment this week, they did not fight, or whine, or drive me nuts. I am not sure what is happening this week other than the end of school, super hot weather, sort of stuff. But the kids are especially crazed.

And now they are high on chocolate.



Pretzel Sticks

Chocolate chips

Heavy whipping cream


And now I will leave it up to you to figure out how to put these together.


2 thoughts on “This is where I impress you (not really)

  1. can i just say that the fact that you just referenced mermaids makes me love you even more than i already did? because it did. just, don’t start cutting your kids’ sandwiches into star shapes.

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