It is true the internet makes the world a smaller place. People I would of never met or interacted with, suddenly are acquaintances and friends. But with that sometimes come the feelings of inadequacy. The question of “what the heck am I doing?”

And I answer: “I don’t know.”

I take pictures. But does that make me a photographer? I don’t believe so.

Is it a job? No – I can’t say it is.

Do I want it to be? Not sure.

The internet makes me jealous at times. Envious of things I don’t really need or need to accomplish.

Isn’t that awful? I think so. So at those moments I need to put myself in check. Kick myself into gear.

I want to remember to take pictures for the sheer joy of doing so. And I find myself forcing that lately. And there is nothing to be proud of when you “force” something. When you make yourself do something with no feeling just to do it.

So I thought a break would be the best thing for me right now. Complete unplugging. Nothing until maybe summer. Which I am almost certain will be hard. But I feel, very necessary.

No -I am not sad (well sometimes I am). There is nothing going on. Everything is OK. It’s just I am coming to a crossroad soon. My littlest will be going to Kindergarten in the Fall and things I thought would be in place by then either went away or never transpired. So, I am trying to figure out what is next for me. Where I am going. And for the first time, I have no idea how to get there. Which to be honest, is very unsettling for someone like me.

But I thought you should know, rather than disappear. OK?

So, I am not going to end on that note, but rather some current inspiration.

Really excited for these girls and their book.

Wishing I was in Austin a month earlier.

Longing for summer.


Cuteness overload.

This project is just amazing.

A reminder Spring is on it’s way.

A new-to-me blog.

Love them.

See ya.


5 thoughts on “Unplugging

  1. I can totally relate to what you’re describing in this post, and I sincerely admire you for taking actions to figure out what directions you want to take in your life.

    I will miss your posts, your inspiring photos and your hilarious tweets but I take comfort in the fact that you’re only a few clicks away. xoxo

  2. jen! i will miss you these next few months!! but i hope this time away from the internet helps you find what you’re looking for. or at least some clues. i totally understand what you’re talking about and i have had many of those thoughts myself (quite often, i’ll admit). be well, friend. xo

  3. Jen, we will miss you and at the same time be envious of your courage to do this!
    I really, really want to unplug for a time before the baby is born.
    I hope this means that we will still see each other when you come to Austin…right?
    Good luck with it all.

  4. Jen, I think it is amazing that you are doing this. I don’t know how many times I’ve pondered this exact thing, and never went through with it. Good for you! You’ll be missed, but you know we’ll be here when you come back.

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