Cutting Corners

I wasn’t sure what to call this post. But thought this might be best. Right now, I think many businesses are cutting corners, cutting costs, to deal with this weird economy we’re in. My film shop is no exception. Last month I learned the lady, who has developed my film for the last year and a half, was laid-off. I am trying to think what I was doing in the shop that day and if in fact, the film from our California trip was processed by someone else. I was a bit peturbed by this. She was one of the nicest and helpful people in there. She talked with me about Ms. Diana many times and introduced me to my Yashica Mat. My film was always developed and processed well. And it was a really big loss for my kids who were greeted by a koala puppet every time we went in.

Now I know it’s not a coincidence my film looked so great. I got back the film I brought in from my Diana and the final pictures weren’t cropped or anything. For those of you who have Diana’s, you know the winding of the film after each picture is kind of a crap-shoot. Never really knowing how far to go. I always go a little past the number as a general rule of thumb. And my pictures have always returned without a black line on one side. But not this time. It was like, whoever processed them, decided to do it quickly and without thought. It just made me sad to think so many places are doing this nowadays. And my film shop is no longer an exception.


2 thoughts on “Cutting Corners

  1. It’s really sad to see someone go when you’ve developed a rapport and level of trust there. Clearly she was special and valued relationships, hence her cropping your images. Sad to see anyone being laid off, but seems like the shop underestimated her value.

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