It's how I roll…

If you’ve been reading this blog, or know me, you know I compete in triathlons. This year will be dedicated to the ultra-distance: the half-Ironman, marathon and full distance Ironman. Sometimes I think I am a bit loopy. But it’s what keeps me sane. With three children to keep track of, two of which are not in school full days yet, I can go insane at times. So training for these monster races is my solace.

Part of the triathlon requires a bicycle. And I want to tell you up front I love Trek. I guess you could call me a Trek-snob? I’ve had other bikes, so I know when I like something. I have never been let down with Trek. But like all things, choosing a bike is based on preference. So if are looking for a bike, be well prepared for what you are going for. Or, you might be coerced into something not suited for you.

I race on a road bike. A Trek 2500 Alpha SL. It has super components and is the lightest bike. I’ve had it for 10 years and I love it. While I would love a tri-bike, preferably the one pictured, I will wait until January of next year to judge if this is really something I am going to be serious about in the future. January is one of the best times to buy a super-duper bike. Your bike dealer can get parts and components at seriously low prices. The reason: it’s time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. I am not kidding. Something like the tri-bike pictured, which retails in the $2500 range, can be found for at least half that in January. This is the same for all bikes, whether your preference is trail, mountain or road. 

While most of my training will be on the roads, I do like to ride on a rail trail near us. It’s flat and gravel-filled, which for a road/racing bike, is dangerous (well for me, it could be, I am a klutz). So I use my mountain bike. Now I have a mountain bike from 1994. It is a Specialized Rockhopper and I’ve never really liked it. I always felt I was over-reaching and it was somewhat uncomfortable. But last night something happened. While we were shopping for a new bike for my oldest, Mommy found a bike just perfect for her! Isn’t that nice of me! Well, after I asked my husband if he could bring my mountain bike in for a tune-up for the second time in a year, he stated it was time to get rid of it. How could I refuse? And it came in green! Dear me, I love green! His agenda was for me to get another mountain bike so we could go mountain biking together. ( P.S. – I am not a mountain biker) We live around some really great single-track trails. But most likely I will swap the nubby tires for some higher pressure ones so I can use the rail trail on those days when I am tired of hills and cars who don’t like bikes on the road.

Isn’t she pretty?


2 thoughts on “It's how I roll…

  1. I love the new ride! And the blog/site and everything looks so fabulous. OMG I am so out of touch with you and have missed you OODLES!

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