California Bound

Next month we are hopping on an airplane to visit my parents in California. I am from there, well I am from a couple of places, but spent my formative years in the Bay Area. In San Jose. My friends and I would drive 30 minutes on the worst highway ever made ( Highway 17 ) to get to the beach. The ocean was always too cold, but perfect to watch and run through. I loved watching the surfers in the winter at the Lighthouse Point Park. I think my heart would skip beats watching them in their element. We frequented Mr. Toots Coffee Shop in Capitola. Mr. Toots was a cat. But the coffee shop was the raddest coffee shop of all time. Huge couches, paper and books everywhere. I am sure it still looks the same, untouched by modern hands.

I miss it terribly at times. I miss the redwoods and the sound of the pounding waves into the rocky coast line. I miss the smell of the ocean and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  The abundance of independently owned coffee shops. After college, my parents moved closer to Santa Cruz,  to a little town called Scotts Valley, and I was in heaven when my husband and I would visit from Iowa. (Yes, I wound up in Iowa of all places, it’s a long story) But then things changed and my parents moved from the Bay Area to the desert. To PGA West. Did I mention I don’t play golf? And that the desert doesn’t do anything for me? But oh well, we are off to visit for the first time in over 5 years. And we will be going to Disneyland. Can I tell you I am excited? I am not a theme person, but Disneyland, through my children’s eyes, will be the most awesome experience.

So I have to decide what cameras to bring. And film. I’ve come up with a list:

Yashica Mat, Electro, Digital (really thinking about not bringing it) and SX-70.

I just bought some 600 film from The Impossible Project – they are having a sale! $19 for a pack of 600 film…limited to 5 per customer. And I was going to load up on some Kodak Portra 400NC for both 120 and 35mm. I might throw some b+w film in the mix. I am almost tempted to not bring my digital for a change. There is always a bit of nervousness trusting my film cameras for those once-in-a-lifetime memories…but the same goes for digital, right? Now the dilemma will be how I get all these things into a bag that comes on the plane with me. And occupy time with three restless children.


2 thoughts on “California Bound

  1. OHMYGOSH! Have fun!
    I’m a California girl , too-and what you say about Disney is so true. I’m not their biggest fan at all-but the experience of seeing little ones so happy and carefree is really awesome.
    And word on not bringing the digital…go for it!
    Hope you have a lovely time and can’t wait to hear about it when you return.

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