The Day After

We have so much snow now. I remember writing in this post how it would be nice to have something on the ground to take pictures with. That winter is a hard season for photography. I think I am eating my words now. Two huge blizzards back to back. In five days we’ve had over 50 inches of snow dumped on us. It’s so much snow that even those who were lucky enough to have snow blowers, couldn’t cut through. Did I mention you can’t even buy a snow blower (we were really contemplating this one) or a shovel anywhere? Shelves in grocery stores, empty. Interstates shut down.

But the thing I love about the east coast is that there is always sun the next day. It’s bright and warm and lovely. After living in Iowa for many years, there were weeks we would never see the sun, even after storms. It was always so gray. So yesterday, while we took shifts shoveling, I made bread, soup and visited a friend, who’s husband is a meteorologist in Baltimore. I felt fortunate. I even bought some snowshoes. Because this snow isn’t going anywhere and there’s more forecasted for Monday. 


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