1. macarons, 2. tiramisu, 3. August 30, 4. chocolate, banana and teff cupcakes, 5. Market, 6. summer harvest, 7. yes it’s summer, 8. Blue Tuesday., 9. .

I have long admired people who can take beautiful pictures of food. I wish I was able to photograph food. More so, the styling that goes with it. To me, it’s an art. One that I haven’t grasped. But I thought I would highlight some that have and make beautiful pictures with something as simple as a cookie.

Enjoy your weekend friends, and if you live in the path of a major snowstorm, hunker down, curl up with a blanket and good book and stay warm. And maybe eat some cookies, or cake and hot chocolate.



3 thoughts on “Food

  1. This is a lovely collection. I live in Mass. I better check the weather to see if the storm is coming this way. Have a good weekend.

  2. I am so so so so so very happy you are blogging again. Now I don’t have to pretend I need fabric from your website just because I wanted to say hi. haha. Although now I do see some prints in my future. Your photos are just so gorgeous and filled with such feeling. Does that make sense? From viewing one I felt cold. From another warm. From another I got chills. Then the whole Polish-speaking ghost thing made me look over my shoulder! Casper was the best. Happy training. Did I say I was glad you were back? so glad.

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