Whirly Thoughts

So Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania is a big thing. Punxsutawney Phil is a rock star. He doesn’t seem to mind the once-a-year craziness. In fact he seemed pretty mellow this morning. I think he enjoys the gentlemen in top hats. So it is beyond me why PETA wants a robotic groundhog instead of Phil. A 120-year tradition with a real, live, groundhog, out-the-door for a robotic counterpart. It just would not be the same. Kind of like this strangeness…not. even. close. (this was a CNN headline yesterday, people)

When I run in the morning, many times I see a red fox. He will sit on a hillside and watch me as I run by, or, run in front of me. Granted, I take different paths during the week. But they all seem to center around the same point. This has been going on for 7 months now. I wonder if it means anything.

I got my hair done on Saturday. I told my hairdresser about going out to eat one night with my husband to Pazo’s in Baltimore (seriously amazing). I told her they have tapas. She stopped and looked at me for a moment. And then said, “topless?!” I said, “tapas…like small meals, appetizers.” Relieved she said, “gosh, I was gonna say, I didn’t think you were that type of person.” 

I also called my parents, who live in the Palm Springs area, on Sunday afternoon. Now granted, it’s a 3-hour time difference, so I have to be aware of when I call, or else it could still be in the middle of night for them. So I called around noon our time. I called their home phone, which I never do, and was amused it took my mom seven rings to pick up the phone. Here was our conversation: 

Hello (sleepy tone)”

“Are you still asleep?!” (Don’t you love how I greet my mom?)

“Who’s this?”

“It’s your daughter, Jennifer!”

Um, you have the wrong number.”

“Omigosh…I am so sorry.”


I can’t tell you how many moments I’ve had like that. Another one included a man walking two dogs that resembled our neighbor friend. We were returning home from the dentist one night (it was dark) and we saw this man walking a golden lab and a smaller dog, which we thought was the chihuahua. So my husband thought it would be funny if I asked the guy, who we thought was our friend, if he would like some candy (with a not so innocent, evil voice). So it was only after I said the statement, did I realized the other dog was not a chihuahua, but a miniature dachshund. 

Yesterday, while swimming, after hearing my name, a man asked me if I was the assistant principal of that district’s middle school. I laughed.

It is amazing what happens when you wear your hair down. Especially when it’s big and curly. Children don’t know what to do after seeing you with it in a ponytail the last few months. They will stare and stare. Adults ask you if you got your haircut. It’s amazing what a little change like that does to people.

Quaker cannot make enough of this cereal. We just went through three boxes in two days. It is rare to find a cereal that everyone likes. But I wonder, do they make and sell, huge boxes of it?

If you haven’t yet, please check out this auction. I have two prints I am auctioning off (one is coming later) and I would really love if someone bids on them. It’s for a good cause and every single dime will go to Haiti.



3 thoughts on “Whirly Thoughts

  1. Hi Jen,
    It has been a while (couple of years??). Lost track of you when you stopped blogging for a while and I moved across Canada. Found you through the Haiti auction you are participating in. Funny how small the world is sometimes.
    Lovely photos! Really love the antique store photos.
    Do you take any photos with dogs or cats? I am collecting them for a fund raising book for breast cancer charity. You can read about it here if you are interested:

    Now that I’ve found you…and I love photography…I have bookmarked your site!

  2. your totem animal! a sly little red fox. i love that. i wonder what that means?!
    i love to read your writings. almost – if not more than i love to look through your beautiful photos. talents, friend. so many talents.
    love, lindsay

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