Winter Blues

I’ll admit it. I don’t care for winter when it comes to photography. If there was snow on the ground, it would be better…in some respects. I was even looking forward to it in this post. But it’s January and the thing about the mid-Atlantic states is, well, it can be cold and snowy. But most of the time it’s cold and not snowy. And still, everything is dead. There are no leaves on the trees. Flowers blooming. There is nothing outside, except for some spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Funny enough, today hit 60 degrees. But with gale force winds and torrential rains.  So how does one cope with this and still continue to shoot pictures?

I’ve gone to antique stores. Well one. The one I know that has beautiful natural light and really cool things. Now they’ve added a salvage, re-purpose area for homes. After I shot a couple rolls of film and saw how they came out, I’ve vowed to return with a child or two, or maybe three, to take some portraits. I’ve also decided I would find more salvage yards to photograph. And more antique or auction houses that display items before they are sold. 

This week when I was on my route to the film shop, I spotted an open house sign for a beautiful center hall colonial. One that was located in an older section of town. The open house was scheduled from 12-2PM and I was thinking hard about this one. Loading a roll of film in my Yashica and wandering around the house snapping pictures. I am not sure what people would think, but all I thought was wallpaper and oldness would equate into great pictures. And it was a sunny day too. I’m sort of mad I didn’t snatch up this opportunity.

I see many pictures in the winter of people going out to eat. While I love this idea, if I brought my camera on a date with my husband to shoot pictures of glasses and what we ate, after paying a sitter to watch our three children, I may not go on a date again. Because that would be like my husband dragging along his computer to dinner. I’ve learned there are just some places a camera should stay at home.

So the question is, how do you get through the winter blues?


3 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Oh I so know what you mean- winter leaves me with little inspiration. Photographing interiors is always a good bet, I really like these shots! My strategy to get through winter is to look at and buy pretty things for spring. I also watch lots of movies and drink lots of hot cocoa 🙂

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