I Love Valentine's Day

I’ve seen so many lovely items out there for Valentine’s Day. I just love it! For some reason I can’t stop looking for ways to to spread the love to someone. Maybe it’s because 11 years ago, on that silly day, my husband proposed to me. Or, maybe it’s because my children love looking through the Valentine issues of Martha Stewart for ideas. In any event, I thought I’d share with you some lovely ideas to spread the cheer February 14th.

“I heart baking” cards by Abby Powell Thompson

Heart tea towel by Elisabeth Bentz

Some chocolates from Vosges Chocolates – PLEASE!

Because Italy is so romantic – Little Italy by Jenifer Altman

Cupcakes by Saint Cupcake because they deliver

Romantic Handwritten Valentines from Hello Handmade

For the kids to give to other kids –Vintage Valentines by Golden Books

Butterfly Necklace by Pyrrha


Or a romantic dinner with a bunch of strangers – Outstanding in the Field

Hmmm…seems like I am throwing some subtle hints out there to someone.

Hint. Hint.







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