Fade to Black

Land Camera – 600 film

Oh, I love Polaroid. I have since I was a kid and I am much, much older than Lady Gaga. I have to say more of my success with the brand has been with my 600 film Land Camera. A cheap camera in comparison to my sx-70 I bought off of eBay. I am just not sure about the sx-70 and I am wondering if something wonky is going on, or, like all of my film cameras, I just haven’t figured it out. Probably the later, but I’ll figure it out some time. My story starts with I’ve been slow to bring some film to be developed and was browsing PolaPremium one day. I felt an itch to buy some film and was really stuck on the Fade to Black film. I saw the images they had and thought, “oooo, I like that.” So I bought a pack (and some others, eek!) and decided to give it a whirl.

SX-70 Fade to Black film

It is pretty similar to Artisitc TZ. For some reason the images coming out my camera have heavy blues and greens to them, which made me think of the similarities. Artistic, as does Fade to Black, changes after the initial shot. I remember my shots with Artistic TZ becoming lighter, which Fade to Black, darkens as the day rolls on. It’s kind of amusing. There are ways to stop the process, or, you can just scan the changes. I wasn’t sold on the film at first. I guess I like things to be the way they are when you shoot them. I’m not into processing and maybe that’s why I was weirded out by the “changing” thing and the fact the colors are different than what is there.

SX-70 Fade to Black

There is almost an antique-quality to the film. And sometimes the shots look like negatives – mainly when there isn’t a ton of natural light. I am sure most of this varies from camera to camera and I by no means call myself an expert. I just like my cameras. And I like to take pictures. And I sometimes need a change of pace with what I take pictures with. So after using the film, I grew to like it more. I think for me it works really well with natural light. But I can’t say I like it more than the norm – 600 film in my Land Camera.

Land Camera – 600 film

But I just used 669 film for the first time too and whoa. I think we have a contender. 


3 thoughts on “Fade to Black

  1. I have played it safe with my polaroid film and so far just kept to 600 film. Although I might branch out a little when the Impossible Project starts production of their new film this year. I have even considered black and white polaroid.

    You have a lovely blog btw, I found you a few days ago view Jenifer Altman’s blog 🙂

  2. Your pola images are great. I have a few Polaroid cameras and they are all so different in the way the images appear. I also just came across your blog via Jen Altman and it is truly wonderful.

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