Guilty as Charged

I have a thing for the paranormal (did I just lose you?). People who know me, know my guilty pleasure is watching Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi channel. It stems from my Polish grandmother telling me tales of her ghost when she was a little girl. The one that would pray in Polish at the foot of her bed. I was probably 8 when she first talked to me about it and I believed her, because it’s just not something you make up in your 70’s. But I would still believe her today. 

I am not some geek. Awkward yes. Geek, not so much. But I just love a good ghost story. I love watching the real film of things unexplainable. I saw “Poltergeist” when I was about 7 or 8. It freaked me out. And a television never quite looked the same to me after that. Especially if there wasn’t reception. I know that it wasn’t real.  It sure seemed it at the time. I often think about why my parents allowed me to watch that at 7 or 8 years of age too. But Amityville Horror. When it borders the whole evil spectrum, I start to freak. Anything including Ouija boards. You can turn it off, thank you. The Exorcist…um, no thank you. Not interested in watching someone become possessed, spit green things and twirl her head around 360 degrees. Rosemary’s Baby. Need I say more why this one “irked” me.

I like my ghosts to be funny, witty and interesting. Like Gus the Ghost, or Casper.  And I am OK with the grumpy ones too. So when the movie “Paranormal Activity” came out and everyone was making a big deal out of this low-budget, documentary-type film, I really wanted to see it. Netflix finally had it and we got in the mail. I thought it was going to be one of those Ghost Hunter – type of things. But it wasn’t. Long story short, there are two characters in the film. A girl and a boy. The girl has been haunted on-and-off by something for years. The boy decides to buy a camera to document these things for proof. Pretty simple and could of been a good idea for a movie. But when I caught wind the thing was not a ghost, it was something else, which starts with the d-word, I told my husband, “I don’t think I want to watch this thing anymore.”  We kept it on, even though the first loud sound the “thing” made was somewhat humorous. To make matters worse, one of the characters bought an Ouija board to communicate with the “thing”. I was pretty much done then. Oh, it gets better though. The guy leaves the camera rolling while they were out of the house. Oh, and he left the Ouija board out too. You can imagine what he caught on film. Yes, the thing moved around the board and then it caught on fire somehow and left a secret code in dots. Yup, lost me completely by this point. 

The movie is scary. I’ll give it that for points. But I’ll stick to Ghost Hunters for thrills.

While we are on this subject, one of my favorites: The Sixth Sense. Just one of the all-around, best movies about this subject. And I went to sleep without the light on after it.

P.S. – I am so not a geek, OK?


2 thoughts on “Guilty as Charged

  1. hello! just stumbled upon your blog.

    my favorite paranormal show was always “most haunted”. haven’t seen “ghost hunters” yet. must watch sometime.

  2. Um,
    So funny and well written and I feel like I can relate on so many levels.
    Maybe sometime I’ll share with you the story of how a ouija board made me leave my first slumber party…
    haha…but really.
    I agree with you on so much of this *except* I must admit that I love Rosemary’s Baby because of the fashion and how pretty it is.
    Anyway, hope you are having a good day and you are not a geek.

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