Walking Through Her Pictures

Over the holidays, we drove to western Iowa. From Pennsylvania. 1200 miles. One way. It was a great trip in many ways and one of the best things was I got to meet my friend. I think it was two years ago I found Jen’s work through someone’s blog and I was smitten with her polaroids. There was something about the light she captured, that left me speechless. But what developed out of this was a friendship. Someone I felt I had know my whole life. And then there was this little sliver of hope to meet. And it happened. 

So I drove a couple hours one wintry day, to meet my friend. Hoping that Ms. GPS would get me there and she did (with the exception of one wrong turn). As I pulled up to Jen’s house, I nearly peed myself. I was so excited, so, so excited. I was like, “Omigosh! I am here!” And there she was at her front door, and I was hopping like a bunny because I was meeting my friend. And I think her neighbor was watching me, while unloading the car. 

If you follow Jen’s blog and her flickr stream, you know her beauty. Everything is as it is. And I walked through her pictures. I met her beautiful little girls. And I wanted to eat them up because they were so lovely. She took me on a tour of her home. She gave me cookies (you are jealous, aren’t you) and an ornament I know the girls helped make. We went on a tour of her city and ate lunch at a great Italian restaurant. I have to say I think we talked more than ate. We talked and talked about everything one could in three hours. And there was not enough time, not enough at all, before I had to drive back to Iowa. 

So we said our “goodbyes” and I was sad to leave, because I felt like there was so much more I wanted to talk about and that it would have to wait until next time. And what I can say is that Jen is exactly how she is. She is as lovely and wonderful and full of life as she is in the pages of her blog and her pictures. And I just feel immensely grateful for having the chance to meet her.



4 thoughts on “Walking Through Her Pictures

  1. What a thrill to meet a blog-friend in real life! Especially the lovely Jen. And to see with your own eyes the beautiful things she photographs. What a wonderful highlight to your holidays!

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