A Year of Film – Yashica Mat EM

I have to admit, I wasn’t keen on this camera at first. The lady, who develops my film at the camera shop, Hillary, offered her to me. And I was excited because she was taken care of and pretty. Those should be reasons to buy a camera, no? So I walked off with her one Spring day. My first roll was less than successful, namely, I had no idea what I was doing. Those important functions such as ISO and aperture went unnoticed in my book and my photos wound up being overexposed. So Hillary, took the time to show me a few things. I’d say that is one of the best things about “mom and pop” shops, the customer service you get. And that is why I travel to this shop every moment I have film to be developed.


But I kept with it and even though I didn’t like it as much as my Diana, I used it every once in awhile. I thought it was too crisp, the images were too perfect for me after using a plastic camera for a few months. But then things changed and I started using it more.


And I began to use different films: Ilford 3200, Kodak Portra 400NC (fave) and others. 


And yes, it is my favorite camera to date. It goes with me everywhere and I find it’s quite the conversation piece, that people aren’t afraid of me when I am shooting candid shots at the local market. Except one cheese monger who shall remain nameless. 


I was fortunate because the camera is equipped with a workable light meter. The downfall is the camera is limited up to 400 speed films. Anything beyond that and you are guessing the aperture and speed on your own. But the pictures are crisp and lovely and even though I wasn’t keen about this at first, it all depends on the type of film you use. I think she will be with me a long time. And even though a Hassleblad is something I have longed for for two years, this camera does so well, it almost seems silly to want another medium format camera that would practically do the same thing. I said silly, but not illogical.


Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting me.


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