A Year of Film – Ms. Diana

I bought my Diana camera in October, last year. I had no idea how to use it and it sat in a box for about a four months before I gained the courage to try it. My first roll of film surprised me. The fact that it came out was a feat in itself. But the dream-like quality, the nostalgia in each picture, made me love it. And I was hooked.


Using this type of camera causes one to be more aware of distance and light. Something digital tends to take care of on its own. You are more aware of what you are photographing, knowing you have 12 shots and no ability to delete what you don’t like. Every time I brought my rolls of film to the shop, I was so excited to see what would come back. The wait would sometimes kill me. And when I would walk in the door of that shop, to pick up my photos, I was giddy, never wasting a moment to tear open that envelope before leaving, to see what was there.


Oh, when I would look at those prints, there would be moments of amazement with my results.


And often times, contentment with what I caught. The clarity, the blur, the memory of a moment I may of forgotten about. I have to say, this little purchase surprised me. I think it made me a better photographer and opened a new world to me. Medium format wasn’t something I was familiar with. And I admit, I am still learning. But now it’s like second nature to pack my Yashica in my bag. Leaving my digital happily at home.




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